ترحب إدارة المنتدى بكافة المقترحات التي يتقدم بها الأعضاء من أجل تطوير و تحسين المنتدى .. و نعدكم بعمل المستطاع لتلبية مقترحاتكم، مع فائق الشكر و التقدير ... إدارة المنتدى
لقد تم مؤخرا ًنشر كتاب (فلك الشيطان) و الذي ألفه زميلنا من الدفعه الكاتب / مجلي الجرباني و الكتاب متواجد في مكتبات خالد ابن الوليد في التحرير و الدائري
للراغبين في وضع أخبار جديده للدفعه إرسال رسالة إلى بسام المردحي المتواجد في المنتدى و شكراً.... إدارة المنتدى

أهلا وسهلا بك زائرنا الكريم, أنت لم تقم بتسجيل الدخول بعد! يشرفنا أن تقوم بالدخول أو التسجيل إذا رغبت بالمشاركة في المنتدى

Examining the Sponsorship

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1default Examining the Sponsorship في 22/9/2010, 12:07 pm

Many marketers believe that it is the marketing program accompanying an event sponsorship that ultimately determines its success. A sponsor can strategically identify itself at an event in a number of ways, including banners, signs and programs. For more impact, sponsors typically supplement such activities with samples, prizes, advertising, retail promotions and publicity. At least two or three times the amount of the sponsorship expenditure should be send on related marketing activities.

As with public relations, measurement of events is difficult. There are two basic approaches to measure or to examine the sponsorship activities. The supply side method focuses on potential exposure to the brand by assessing the extend of media coverage and the demand side focuses on reported exposure from consumers. Supply side methods attempt to approximate the amount of time or space devoted to media coverage of an event. Even though it provides quantifiable measures, their validity can be questioned. The advertisers use media space and time to communicate a strategically designed message. Media coverage and telecasts only expose the brand and not necessarily exaggerate its meaning in the direct way.

Event creation is a particularly important skill in publicizing fund raising drives for non-profit organizations. Fund raisers have developed a large selection of special events, including anniversary celebrations, art exhibitions, auction, fairs, fashion shows etc. Its depending upon the extend of marketing and the type of sponsors we have, and the amount they are willing to spend for us, the models required, are being actually evaluated and the final selection is made. Most of the companies, especially the newcomers to the market, won’t have enough capital to spend as an extra for the advertising activities. Even though if they produce high quality products, but poor in carrying on their marketing activities, the things won’t be like they are expecting. Sponsorship program is a great relaxation in such circumstances.

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