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How to accept your body

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How to accept your body

You may love it or hate it, but it will be yours for the duration of your life on Earth. Your spiritual essence is stored inside your body- all the hopes, dreams, fears, thoughts, expectations and beliefs, that make you the unique human that you are. The purpose of this body is act as a buffer between you and the outside world and the way you view your body is how you create the picture of your.

Acceptance is the act of embracing what life presents to you with a good attitude. For many people, their body is the target for their harshest judgments and the barometer by which they measure their self-worth. Since your physical shape is the form in which you show up in the world, it is very often the way you define yourself and often the way others define you. There is much documented proof that the mind and the body are connected, so acceptance of your body is not only essential for your emotional well-being, it is essential for your physical health, as well. You know you are moving in the right direction, when you can accept your body exactly as it is in its present form. Does this mean that you should never endeavor to improve your body? Of course not. It is perfectly natural and human to want to be at your physical best. What this does mean, however, is that you need to stop criticizing, judging, or finding fault with your body even when you are not at your healthiest or most attractive. "Love all the parts of yourself, and if you can't love them, change them. If you can't change them, than accept them as they are". Acceptance or rejection of your body only carries weight in your mind. You can make the very subtle but powerful mental shift into acceptance.


Self-esteem is feeling worthy and able to meet life's challenges. It is the essence from which we measure our worth and the most important building block in the foundation of our psyches process of building self-esteem is there fold.

the first step is to identify what stands in your way. By acknowledging the limiting belief that you have about your self you can than move to the second step: to search your soul for a deeper core connection with who you really are. The third step is to take action, whether that means valuing yourself just as you are or making a positive change. Remind yourself often that self-esteem is ephemeral. You will have it, lose it, cultivate it, nurture it, and be forced to rebuild it over and over again. It is not something to be achieved and preserved, but rather a lifelong process to be explored and cultivated.


Respect your body means to hold it in high regard and honor it. Respect is treating your body with the same care you would give any other valuable irreplaceable object. Learning to respect your body is vital. Treat your body as a structure worthy of respect and it will respond in kind. Abuse or ignore it and it will break down in various ways. Listen your body and its wisdom; it will tell you what it needs if you ask, listen and take heed.


Pleasure is the physical manifestation of joy. Your body teaches you pleasure through your five senses. When you indulge in any spontaneous behavior or physical sensation that unlocks the joy stored within you, you create space in your consciousness for pleasure. Your body can be one of the greatest sources of pleasure when you open your five senses fully and experience the physical wonder of being alive. Pleasure can come in the form of sight, like when you see a magnificent sunset, or taste, like when you eat a favorite food. It can come as a glorious musical sound or the soft touch of a lover. the only secret is to make time and space for it in your life. How much pleasure we will allow yourself? Many people have an invisible quota in their minds for the amount of joy they will permit them self to experience..
they become to busy living life that they view pleasure as a luxury they simply do not have time for. However, your life simply will not work as well when you deny yourself pleasure. It will give a lightness to your heart and do wonders for your soul.

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